Welcome to the official website and blog of Alexander McMahon, also known as ‘The Caped Author’. Here you have found my collection of blog posts, ideas, tidbits about writing, thoughts about the world and excerpts from some of my work.

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Current Projects

SPACE BILLIONAIRE (working title!) – My first novel, that I’ve been constantly revising and reworking for the past few years. The third draft is now on track to be finished to a revised deadline around March of 2019… Provided everything goes well!

Set in humanity’s future in the 24th century, this story follows a young man as he rises from rags to riches, and comes into conflict with mysterious forces that threaten to destroy all that he holds dear.

THE LEGEND OF ELSPETH MORCAYA – a short story series that is currently undergoing editing and review. I hope to be able to publish this close to the middle of 2019, with the intent to showcase some of my writing abilities.

Master Seeker Elspeth Morcaya, at your service! Combination warrior, magic user and private investigator, Elspeth takes on strange supernatural cases in a fantasy universe while searching for the whereabouts of her brother.

CORSAIR – a science fiction role playing game, with rules based on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, by Wizards of the Coast. It is currently undergoing testing and it is hoped that a more polished test version will be finished by the end of 2019.

Set in the somewhat distant future of the human race, players explore a universe filled with space creatures, brigands and long lost technology. They complete missions, amass their personal fortune, and above all, keep their ship flying.