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Trial Treatment

I'm very hard on myself. This is something that those who have not known me for very long may not be aware of. I'm self-critical, obsessive, and struggle to give myself apologies or excuses. It's because I'm something of a... Continue Reading →

All You Need Is…

Love, right? A popular song. For a long time, I believe that the lyrics of that song were unquestionably true. I wanted to believe so badly that love was all you needed to make the world a better place. I... Continue Reading →

Between Middles

There are many types of logical fallacies, most of which I'll probably get around to explaining or mentioning before long. Of particular importance to today's topic is the 'golden mean' fallacy, also known as the fallacy of moderation. In case you're... Continue Reading →

What is a Lever?

If you ever had the chance to go on some kind of youth retreat in school, you would probably have heard of affirmations at some point or another. If you haven't, then think of them like compliments, but ones that... Continue Reading →

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