Alexander McMahon

The Caped Author



Artistic Accountability

It's hard to say if anything ever truly lasts forever. Humanity has long been searching for ways to fit more time within the span of our lives. No matter how long we live, it never seems to be enough. But... Continue Reading →

My Birthday

Yesterday I turned the grand old age of twenty-three. Leading up to the day, I continued to have mixed feelings about the nature of birthdays in general, particularly how they are contemporarily celebrated. Something that I have grown to inexplicably... Continue Reading →

Walking on thin Love

I personally find myself enthralled by the many great tales of the world that have been passed down through history fact and fiction, great stories are perhaps one of my greatest obsessions. Those who know me well can attest to... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s a little bit wrong

Racism has been a hot topic for over a hundred years throughout most of the world, and continues to remain a big issue today. Even countries generally considered to be some of the most advanced and civilised have had massive... Continue Reading →

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